Leslie Hudson


Leslie Hudson is a prolific songwriter, full-time musician, power vocalist

and rocker on the keys. Her 7th ("The Wanderlings Volume Two" - folklore),

8th ("The Redhead League" - female comic book characters) and 9th ("Yeoman

on the Bridge" - Star Trek) solo albums released this year reveal her

eclectic tastes in music styles and subject matter. She sings everything

from folk to metal to rock to blues while standing at her keyboard,

equally at home with a 9-piece band or on her own.


Leslie has performed at conventions in Canada and the USA, bars, pubs,

houses and elsewhere, in the filk, folk, rock, geek and singer-songwriter

scenes, but this is her first trip to the American West Coast.


Facebook: LeslieHudsonMusic


Twitter: @invisiblepiano


Website: lesliehudson.com