Creation Station

The Creation Station track at OryCon brings you exhilarating innovations, new to Ory! Those panels italicized are making their grand debut at this con.

In chronological order: Fri: Bustle Hustle; Build Your Own Mini-Me; Make Your Own Dragon-Scale Earrings! (all-ages, hands-on craft; all supplies provided free; air purifier); Nerdy by Nature; Cosplay, Garb, Masquerade Show & Tell; Make Your Own Fezzes (alongside mini-TARDIS hats & bow-ties); Whedonesque Femmes; Gallifreyan Lessons from the Time Lord Academy; Memetown Express; Overwatch Player Meet-Up; Bowie/Prince Fallen Idols SingAlong.

Sat: Braids, Falls, & Hair Flowers; Cosplay for All Abilities; Surviving Cons with Disabilities; Otaku Meetup (Anime Fans Meetup); Ollivander’s Workshop for Wand-Making; Make a Podcast!; Modern Retelling of Myths and Recreating Your Female History; Political Economy for World-Builders; Can You Survive the Age of Dragons? Live Interactive Trivia Game.

Sun: Live Cosplay Figure Drawing; Kitten Caboodle: Share Cat Joys, Make Cat Toys!; Parenting, Cosplay, & Con 101; Bringing Book Characters to Life Via Cosplay; Game of Thrones/ASoIaF: If Westeros Held Elections; Costume in Harness: An Historical Approach to Costume Armor; and 2nd Skin: Finding the Perfect Face for Your Cosplay.

Many of your annual favorites return, revitalized, including our famous Whovian track (Fri., 3pm-10pm),and our important, savvy, respectful Black Cinderella & the New Jim Crow: Media Representation in Post-Racial America. Find us in Pearl & Belmont all con; Columbia, Fri night; Salmon, Sun morn.

Ellen Klowden, rem.saverem.was.right [at]; Creation Station Planning Crew Facebook page.*

* Creation Station is a collective of panelists who provide a unique “Welcome Wagon” experience in an accessible room, an on-ramp for new content, processes, participants, and paradigms, at multiple cons. We exist specifically to provide safe space, with a fully inclusive, explicitly feminist, anti-racist, allgender/orientation/age/ability/skill-level-welcoming orientation, especially for anyone new to a given con or activity, and/or anyone who has wondered whether they'd safely find a niche in fandom.

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Make Dragon Scale Earrings!

An all-ages, hands-on craft;

all supplies provided free; air purifier

Friday, 2pm-3pm, Pearl Room